Macro Boats

“Brushstrokes of Resilience: A Photographic Odyssey into the Weathered
Charm of Indonesian Pirogue Fishing Boats”

Embarking on a photographic journey across the
Indonesian archipelago, I found myself captivated by the intricate beauty of
weathered fishing boats scattered along the sandy shores. This project, a
series of detailed macro images, unravels the tales woven into the vibrant
colors and patterns adorning these pirogue-style fishing boats. This series was
photographed on the shores of Sumbawa, Lombok, Nusa Lembongan and Bali.

What struck me most was the
kaleidoscope of colors that adorned these vessels. From fiery reds to calming
blues, the hues seemed to dance in harmony, creating a visual feast for the

Nature, in all its relentless glory, played a
pivotal role in shaping these boats. The unyielding heat, relentless UV
radiation, gusty winds, abrasive sands, and corrosive salt all left their mark.
Yet, in this dance with the elements, a unique patina emerged—a testament to
the resilience of both the boats and the communities that crafted them.

Capturing the details of this weathered beauty
required a closer look. Armed with a potent macro lens, I delved into the
intricate textures, revealing a world of cracks, peeling paint, and weathered
wood. Each image became a narrative, telling the story of time etched into the
very fabric of these boats.

The act of repainting, a necessity dictated by the
harsh conditions, became a visual poetry of renewal. As layers of paint
overlapped and intertwined, new colors and patterns emerged. It was as if the
boats themselves were storytellers, recounting the tales of countless journeys
and enduring traditions.

Beyond the visual spectacle, these fishing boats
carried with them a bucketload of cultural narratives. In conversations with
the local communities, I discovered the integral role these vessels played in
their way of life. Each stroke of paint, each repair, held significance - a
tangible connection to the past and a bridge to the future.

As I conclude this exploration into the world of
colorfully painted pirogue fishing boats, I am left in awe of the resilience
encapsulated in every detail. The ever-changing hues, shaped by time and
nature, tell a story of endurance, adaptability, and the enduring beauty that
emerges from the dance between tradition and the elements.

I invite you to join me in experiencing the full
collection of these mesmerizing macro images. Each photograph is a testament to
the vibrant spirit of the Indonesian fishing communities. Share your thoughts,
stories, and reflections in the comments below, and let’s celebrate the beauty
of weathered boats and the narratives they carry

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Café Vienna

Greetings from Vienna! As a local photographer, I’m excited to share with you a series that has allowed me to dive deep into the heart of our city’s cultural heritag. Viennese Coffee House Culture. In this blog post, I invite you to explore the enchanting world of Vienna’s iconic coffee houses, not just as spaces but as living, breathing entities shaped by the people who frequent them.

Vienna’s coffee house culture is a dynamic tapestry woven with threads of history, tradition, and, most importantly, the diverse individuals who call these establishments their second home. Before I embarked on this project, I felt a profound connection to the unique charm that both locals and tourists bring to these cultural hubs.

Photography, for me, is a medium to capture not just images but stories—stories of people, conversations, and shared moments. Inspired by the bustling life within Viennese coffee houses, I set out with a mission to encapsulate the spirit, the history, and the daily rhythms that make these establishments an integral part of Vienna’s identity.

Creating this series involved not just capturing the architecture and decor but also observing the daily interactions among locals and the curious gazes of tourists. Each photograph, a moment frozen in time, tells a story not just of the coffee houses but of the people who make them come alive.

Vienna is more than just a backdrop; it’s a character in every frame, a silent witness to the myriad stories unfolding within its coffee houses. The connection between the locals, the tourists, and the city itself creates a unique cultural blend that sets Vienna apart.

Most images were captured with the Canon 5D mk4 and Canon´s 40mm  pancake lens. My favorite for everyday reportage.

The series was commissioned by the onboard magazine of Wizz Air in close cooperation with the Journalist Christian Koch in November of 2018.

Viennese Coffee House Culture isn’t just a series; it’s a celebration of our city’s history and the people who shape its present. Thank you for joining me on this photographic journey, and here’s to the ever-evolving stories waiting to be captured through the lens of Vienna.

Bikes of the Maledives

“Pedaling Paradise: Capturing the Soul of the Maldivian Island of Thulusdhoo

on Two Wheels”

Welcome to a visual journey through the sun-kissed lanes of the Maldives, where the hum of bicycle wheels becomes a symphony of island life. In this photo series, we dive into the heart of a culture where the bicycle isn’t just a mode of transport; it’s a companion, a storyteller, and a piece of art.

Discovering a Unique Ride:

The bicycles featured in these snapshots are not your everyday two-wheelers. Hailing from India and China, they boast unique symmetries and frame designs, turning each one into a rolling piece of individuality. Their wheels mimic the robustness of BMX and mountain bikes, with chunky treads ready to tackle sandy paths and coastal trails alike.

Pedals, Plastic, and Poetry:

Zoom in, and you’ll discover the intricate details that make these bicycles truly special. Plastic embellishments add a touch of whimsy, chopper-style handlebars exude a carefree coolness, and plastic pedals spin tales of journeys both playful and profound. Rusty chains tell stories of exploration beneath swaying palms and along turquoise shores.

Childhood Nostalgia, Grown-up Freedom:

Some bicycles appear straight out of a nostalgic childhood, yet they are the steeds of choice for adults navigating the island’s charm with an effortless grace. It’s a testament to the universal joy found in the simple act of pedaling, regardless of age or background.

Creating the Collection:

As a photographer, capturing the spirit of these islands was a journey in itself. Each frame tells a story of freedom, community, and the laid-back vibes that permeate the Maldivian air. The collection is a celebration of the ordinary turned extraordinary, where everyday bicycles become the protagonists in a visual narrative.