Bali Sunset 2019 
Sun dipping into the horizon with ocean and waves in the forground.
traditional sail ship off the coast of Moronava in Madagaskar. Photo taken 2005 by Jakob Polacsek
Local boy riding his horse on the beach. Wainapu 

Sumbawa, Indonesia.
Dreamland Beach on the Bukit Pennisula in Bali
Balinese ceremony at the beach in Seminyak - Bali, Indonesia
Surfer surfing through a socalled tube at the famous padang padang surf spot on the bukit peninsula in bali indonesia
Tanalot temple on the east coast of bali 
sunset with incoming tide 
ceremony at sunset
image of the desert in peru at the foot of the andes mountian range
image of a road leading into the andes in peru
frog view image of highway number 1 on the baja peninsula in mexico. 
the photo was taken during the production of the surf movie Zen and Zero
moody image of the andes mountains near huraraz in peru
water droplets on the indian ocean. image taken off the coast of sumba in indonesia
image forest path taken in the late afternoon in St Anton am Arlberg, tirol austria
girls playing in the street on the island bocas de torro in the carribean, panama
school kids wearing their school uniform in the streets suva the capital of fiji
stairs leading down to the metro station in seoul korea
two women taking a break from work in the streets of seoul south korea
Street vendor in the streets of beijing china
two highway patrol police men with their motor bikes in the streets of venice beach in los angeles california usa
german couple selling stuff at a flea market in berlin germany
three men infront of a pub in the streets of dublin ireland 2005
night shot of the city center of suva capitol of fiji
night shot of a tram in siebensterngasse in the seventh district of vienna austria
dramatic sunest over the harbour in hamburg germany taken from gruner und jahr building
high detail image of the dome in the cathedral of berlin. taken with mamiya 7 medium format camera on analog film
the former ost bahnhof in vienna. it was demolished and now is rebuilt and the main railway station of wien
luxurious suite room in the atlantic hotel in hamburg germany
image of hotel room in nicaragua taken during the production of the surf movie Zen and Zero
colorful basket ball court in baja mexico. the image was taken during the production of the surf movie Zen and Zero
cleaners working on the  glas walls fo a high rise building in Doha qatar
detail image of a turquoise lagoon  on the metawais indonesia
view from a ship sailing the waters of the komodo islands in indonesia 
sama sama boattrips
local fishermen visit us with their fishing boat off the coast of sumba indonesia 
sama sama boattrips
local fishermen at a beach in the south of kerala india
indian child at the beach of varkala in kerala india
Guys jumping fo a photo at sunset in camps bay near cape town in south africa
indian men sitting at the beach of varkala in the state of kerala in india
tuk tuk drivers sitting in a tuk tuk in varkala india
passengers on a passing train in india
running rikshaw in madagascar africa
two local girls are smiling after their surf session on the island of sumbawa indonesia
Albert and laura chilling on a sama sama boattrip in indonesia reading the book 
immer nie am meer by grisseman und steherman
camping van at the beach of vama vece romania 2008
suburban chevrolet on the baja mexico road. 
taken during the production of the surf movie Zen and Zero
Lorry transporting hay stacks in Romania. Blue sky and fields in the background
Bali dog at the beach in Canggu bali 2008
dead fish for sale at a market in sumatra indonesia
detail image of palm leaf taken on the island of sumba indonesia
sheep enjoying the first sun rays of the day in sligo ireland
famer with pigs in the austrian alps
locals on their way to the sunday market in the andringita mountains madagascar
taichi and sword art teacher posing infront of a waterfall in austria
man walking up a stairs in dalian china
bald kid sitting in a stroller in dalian china
abstract image of skycrapers in taipei taiwan
night shot aerial view of hongkong harbour
Hong Kong ×
Hong Kong ×
group of people standing on a rock at camps bay beach watching sunset
schoolkids in uniforms cross a street in hongkong city
Hong Kong Hong Kong ×
Hong Kong Hong Kong ×
aerial night shot of hong knogn downtown
Hong Kong ×
Hong Kong ×
space craft merry go round at the fun fair in dalian china
a big swell hits the coast of canggu in bali - 
near masmara resort
surfer surfing a wave in pavones costa rica 
it´s one of the longest waves of the world
beautiful wave breaks off the coast of sumba indonesia 
sama sama boattrips
sama sama 2017 ×
sama sama 2017 ×
surfing wave breaks off a small island in the mentawai archipelago indonesia. palm trees in background
cordroy lines of a perfect swell at lislary sligo irland
deserted beach in the  komodo national park of indonesia
drone shot aerial view of the coast of sumbawa indonesia
aerial view of the mondsee in austria taken with a drone